Getting Busy with Bzzy:

A Beginner's Guide to the Best Damn To Do List App Known to Man

October 15, 2017

So, you’ve downloaded Bzzy (or are dragging your heels for some unknown reason on signing up), and now you want to know how it can make you an organized badass.

The world didn’t have the perfect task manager app, so we birthed it from our minds. We found that other apps out there fall into two categories: too complicated or too lame. We thought long and hard about what our dream organization app would be, and then created Bzzy. A simple to list app, that also happens to be friggin powerful.

Check out all the mind-blowingly awesome things we put into this app:

A Delorean. Like, from, Back to the Future.

Time Travel

Not everything has to happen today. But some things really should. Bzzy allows you to easily prioritize tasks within a single day and among three columns labeled TODAY, SOON, and LATER.

Why is this helpful?

So many reasons!

  1. You can hide the SOON and LATER columns so that you can get down to business on the stuff you need to do TODAY with the gleeful ability to momentarily ignore the crushing weight of all you have to do. Just click “show only today” in the upper right hand corner. Wanna see all the columns again, click “show all columns”. Duh.
  2. You can easily drag and drop tasks between lists which means that you can prioritize and re-prioritize like a task ninja.
  3. You can set due dates for tasks as you’re jotting them down. This allows you to write down tasks for you to do later, giving you permission completely forget about them until the day comes when you need to focus on them. To set a due date, just hit the exclamation mark. It’ll conjure up a calendar for you so you can quickly select your due date. Pro tip: try typing !fri to automatically make it jump to this Friday.

Make Other People Do Your Work

Want to know a quick and easy way to get your work done? Get other people to do, we mean...delegate. Bzzy is an online to do list app that makes it super easy to connect with your teammates. All you have to do to put something on someone else’s to do list is tag them like this: @chad finish that report already. Now, that will show up on Chad’s list so that he can finish that report already.

One person happy that the other person is doing all the work.
You know the old saying: If you want something done right, and you want to start drinking, get somebody else to do it.

Keep It Together

Bzzy also makes it easy to keep your projects straight by grouping them with hashtags. When you’re jotting down your task, just write # and then the category that you want it to appear in, like #project, or #johnthetotallyrealclient. It will automatically create a category in the left column that you can click on to see just those tasks. That way you can keep your #home and #business and #pleasure and whatever else you have going on straight.

Oh yeah...and this to do app is available on your phone and desktop so you can keep it together wherever you are.

If you're ready to start getting shit done, check out our video to see what's up, or jump straight into using Bzzy by creating an account in our web app or mobile apps (iOS and Android).