Bzzy is not the same as Bizzy Crook

The Top 6 Ways Bzzy is Different than Bizzy Crook the Rapper

October 15, 2017

It has come to our attention that some of you may be confusing us with the rapper Bizzy Crook, A.K.A. BZZY. So, we thought we’d clear that up for you and highlight the top 6 ways that Bzzy the app is different from Bizzy Crook the Rapper.

Bizzy Crook does rap Bzzy is an app. (Confusing, we know.)
Bizzy Crook may or may not be very busy. Bzzy helps you keep it together, because we know you are busy.
Bizzy Crook may or may not be an actual crook. We are the opposite of crooks. We give Bzzy away for free. We are heroes.
Bizzy Crook is from Miami. Bzzy was created in the vast expanses of cyberspace.
Bizzy Crook toured with Beyonce. Beyonce uses Bzzy every day!*
Bizzy Crook is terrible at helping you keep track of your tasks. Helping you manage your tasks is literally what Bzzy does.

*This claim is unconfirmed and almost certainly untrue.

There you have it. Bizzy Crook is pretty much useless for helping you keep track of your tasks, assigning tasks to other people, setting reminder dates, and staying on top of your shiz. Bzzy, however is excellent at all of these things. (Don’t feel bad for Bizzy. He’s famous.)

If you're ready to start getting shit done, check out our video to see what's up, or jump straight into using Bzzy by creating an account in our web app or mobile apps (iOS and Android).