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Got a lot to do?
You'd better get Bzzy.

Bzzy is the to do list that helps you focus on what needs to get done.

The simplest to do list app in the milky way galaxy.

Stop thinking about getting things done, and start checking off your list! You can use Bzzy at work, at home and on your phone. Start making life easier and get Bzzy.

One thing at a time.

What’s next on my list? That’s all you have to think when using Bzzy. We stripped away all the clutter and confusion of today’s project management apps and to do lists — so all you need to do is focus on your next task.

The best project manager you will ever meet.

  • Bzzy works great on your own or with a team.
  • Use #hashtags to quickly organize and filter your tasks.
  • Set !dates to work on things later or assign them to other @people on your team.

And the best part,

this s#*t is FREE.

That’s right. Bzzy won’t cost you a damn cent. And we’ll always have a free version available. Because we picked you—yes YOU—to help us test our beta, you can use our premium features at no charge.

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