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Four Steps to Organizational Badassery:

How a Simple To Do List App Can Change Your Life

October 15, 2017

Step 1: Find your [Organizational] Mothership

Part of what makes getting and staying organized so hard is that there are a million things competing for your time and energy. You have tons of things to do at work, but you also have shiz you need to get done at home, for your friends and family, for your rec sports teams, for your own personal pursuits… (Dang. You’re really busy. You should work on that. )

Creating ONE place to keep all of these tasks - both personal and professional - allows you to be efficient with your time and energy so that you can keep all those balls in the air. (We kind of think Bzzy is the perfect one-stop-shop online to do list app to help you maintain your sanity. Learn more about how incredibly awesome it is.)

Your master task list's task master, Mr. Trask.
Your master task list's task master, Mr. Trask.

Step 2: Create a Master Task List

Nice work! You’ve decided where you’re going to keep your tasks. Now, brain dump. Spend 10-20 minutes purging your head of everything that you need to accomplish. You’ll be amazed at all that you’ve been keeping in that giant brain of yours. You’ll probably also be amazed at how incredible it feels to get all that stuff out of your head.

Don’t freak out if you can’t reach some of those to do items right now. Your brain has been burdened for too long with that stuff. Those little items will come to the surface soon enough. And when they do, you know what to do: you’ll add them to the list. That’s right.

A robot saying 'The Future is Now'

Step 3: Look into the Future

This task sounds harder than it is. With all of the immediate tasks that you need to complete down on your list, you can now start to think about short and long term goals.

What?! You don’t have any short or long term goals?! That’s okay. Spend some time developing them. This will help you to not just be a awesome at staying organized, but might also make you awesome at life. (Don’t hold us to this one...)

Once you have your goals, start thinking about the tasks that you need to complete to accomplish your goals. Then, you guessed it, write them down in your personal task management app.

A guy saying 'Think about it.'

Step 4: Prioritize and Focus

You have all your tasks written down, now what? Get started with prioritization. Here’s the best way to avoid “To Do List Paralysis”: Dedicate just a few minutes at the start of each day to prioritize what needs to be done that day. You have our permission to avoid distractions (i.e. you’re allowed to drag your heels on looking at your email until you’ve got this step finished). We call this “time management”.

Since you now have all those tasks that you need to do written down in Bzzy (we’re assuming you downloaded it after our compelling argument in Step 1, now get to work dragging and dropping your tasks to prioritize them. Move them easily between the TODAY, SOON, and LATER columns, and move your urgent tasks to the top of the TODAY column. Get your shit together so you can plan a course of attack.

No go hide those SOON and LATER columns so the crushing weight of all that you have to do is not mean-mugging you as you merrily get to work on what you have to accomplish today.

Boom. Organized AF and ready to take on any challenge. I see a promotion in your future.

If you're ready to start getting shit done, check out our video to see what's up, or jump straight into using Bzzy by creating an account in our web app or mobile apps (iOS and Android).